At the frontier of web 3.0 projects

Investments in web 3.0 distruptive technologies

The largest opportunities for profits are found at the birth of disruptive technologies. We are at the forefront of cutting edge Web 3.0 investments in NFTs, DeFi, and Infrastructure.


NFTs are a foundational building block of the emerging virtual economy. Digital collectibles drive retail mania and capture the attention of future price appreciation. With the inevitable marriage of NFTs and DeFi, innovative digital artifacts can be acquired and financialized in unique ways with inventive yield-minting mechanisms for greater returns.


DeFi (decentralized finance), a new emerging market, is hailed as a revolutionary new financial system. We are at the forefront of all layer-one and layer-two protocols, including DeFi specific blockchains. We resolve information gap barriers common with up-and-coming projects to offer fully transparent investment opportunities. We resolve the information gap barriers common with up-and-coming projects unveiling fully transparent investment opportunities.


Infrastructure protocols in emerging markets respond to the mid-to-long term demand for connectivity. Potent blockchain solutions and appchains (decentralized Web 3.0 applications acting as independent blockchains) are rapidly gaining adoption in many areas of society, commerce, and economics with significant potential for growth and development.



Projects Invested in

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